A surprisingly high number of couples get an orgasm at the same time

By SM.16 Mar, 2017


The female orgasm has been a subject of several productive and also controversial studies which only highlights the rising awareness about sexual pleasure for both partners in bed. But the idea of both man and woman climaxing at the same time during intercourse has always been seen as the crescendo of sexual satisfaction.

Even as the idea may seem too demanding going by common perception, a new study reveals that the number of couples having an orgasm at the same time is surprisingly high. While 89 percent said that they have had shared orgasms in the course of their relationship, 37 percent couples said that they have shared orgasms as often as half the times they have sex.


Meanwhile there was also the issue of 61 percent women saying they found it hard to orgasm during sex, while it was the case for just 24 percent men. Around six of ten couples prioritise a shared orgasm as a goal and put in effort.

While getting the pose right and men putting effort into simulation are crucial aspects, half of the couples said that one partner reached the trigger point and waited for the other before climaxing.