BJP Leader Files Police Case Against Chalachitra Academy Chairman Kamal

By SM .18 Jan, 2021





THRISSUR: BJP leader B Gopalakrishnan has filed a police complaint against Kerala Chalachitra Academy chairman Kamal.

Gopalakrishnan alleged that Kamal has misused his position by attempting to make temporary employees permanent in order to increase the influence of the Left party in the academy. B Gopalakrishnan alleged that this was a misuse of Kamal"s official position and a crime.

BJP demanded that either Kamal should render his resignation or the government should dismiss him from service. The police case was filed after the government did not take any action in connection with the incident. The BJP leader warned that he will take legal action if the police does not take up the case.

Gopalakrishnan pointed out that Kamal is guilty of the charges as per sections 181, 182 and 409 of the Indian Penal Code. Gopalakrishnan said that the academy chairman, who should have commitment to all sections of the society, misused his position for selfish interests.