Chalachitra Academy Controversy: Kamal Explains Letter As Personal

By SM .13 Jan, 2021




THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Chalachitra Academy chairman and film director Kamal has given an explanation in connection with the controversy about the letter he sent to Minister AK Balan.

Kamal had recommended a few temporary staff at the academy to be made permanent so as to maintain the "left-leaning" nature of the academy. Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala had released this letter during the Assembly session the other day.

Kamal stated that the letter was a closed chapter and that it was sent a long time ago. He also tried to clarify that he didn’t mean that left-affiliated staff should be made permanent, rather their service would benefit the academy.

Kamal also said the usage of the term "left- affiliated" was made due to a lack of caution. Kamal said that he stands by the letter as it was personal. "Congress leaders should understand that even Jawaharlal Nehru has an affiliation to the left," he added.

The letter sent by Kamal pointed out that the mentioned employees upheld left progressive values and that they will be useful in maintaining the left-leaning nature of the Chalachitra Academy. He further added that making them permanent would help to maintain the "left-leaning" nature of the academy.

Ramesh Chennithala had released the letter during the emergency motion in the Assembly. Various organisations staged protests against Kamal after his letter was released.