Gujarat Assembly Polls 2017: Will Make 1+ 1 = 11, PM Modi Promises As Campaigning Ends

By SM.13 Dec, 2017



AHMEDABAD: After his road show was cancelled today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took off from the Sabarmati river on a seaplane to Mehsana, where he offered prayers at a temple, before flying back to Ahmedabad. He stood on the footboard of the plane as it took off waving to the crowds that stood cheering on the banks of the river. After de-boarding, he stood on the footboard of an SUV and waved to people.

After addressing over 25 rallies in the last 15 days, on the last day of campaigning for the Gujarat elections, PM Modi made no public speech. He made his emotional vote appeal on Twitter, urging his home state to vote in record numbers on Thursday, when polling for the second and last phase of elections will be held. "I call upon the people of Gujarat to not only give the BJP an overwhelming majority but also ensure that BJP wins in every polling booth across the state," the prime minister said.

"The lies that our worthy opponents have spread, about Gujarat, Gujarat"s growth and about me personally is something I had never imagined. It is natural for every Gujarati to feel hurt. People of Gujarat will give a fitting reply to the negativity and lies of the opposition," the Prime Minister said, taking on Congress president designate Rahul Gandhi, who wrapped up his Gujarat campaign earlier in the day with a press conference in Ahmedabad, where he attacked PM Modi and the BJP over a list of issues and promised to reverse the fate of the people of Gujarat, who he alleged were deprived of real growth with the ruling BJP initiating "only one-sided development."

PM Modi pitched to Gujarat the advantages of having a BJP government both the Centre and the state. "With the Government of India and Government of Gujarat working together, the strength rises manifold. This 1+ 1 is not 2 but 11 and together we will take Gujarat to new heights, the Prime Minister tweeted, also saying, "Victory of BJP is a guarantee for a bright future."

Both PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi had planned to end the high-octave Gujarat campaign with road shows in Ahmedabad. Both were cancelled with the Gujarat police refusing permission for fear of law and order problems.

Rahul Gandhi asserted in his press conference that the Congress is set to wrest control of Gujarat from the BJP, promising a "zabardast" verdict on Monday next. In a jibe at the Prime Minister"s sea-plane ride, Rahul Gandhi said it was "a distraction from the main issues of Gujarat."

Voting will be held in 93 constituencies of Gujarat on Thursday. Polling for 89 of the state"s 182 seats was held on Saturday last. Votes will be counted on Monday next, December 18.