Trump Nominates Another Indian-American For His Administration

By SM.09 Sep, 2017


WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump on Thursday nominated another Indian-American to a senior position in his administration.

Manisha Singh, a lawyer, was named assistant secretary of state for economic and business affairs. She had served in this bureau earlier as a deputy to then assistant secretary Dan Sullivan, who is now a US senator from Alaska.

Singh, 45, was born in India and grew up in Florida. She has practised law in Philadelphia and Washington.

“I thought, ‘well, I have enough exposure and experience to translate this now to the policy world,’ so that’s when I decided to move to the Hill. My first exposure on the Senate side on the foreign relations committee,” she told Washington Examiner, a right leaning news publication, earlier this year.

If confirmed, she will be the newest addition to a growing list of Indian Americans picked by Trump, including Nikki Haley, his ambassador to the United Nations.

Other Indian Americans in Trump’s administration include Seema Verma, who will shepherd the replacement of Obamacare; Ajit Pai, who heads the federal communications commission; Vishal J Amin, who is an intellectual property enforcement coordinator; and Neomi Rao, who is an administrator of the office of information and regulatory affairs in the White House.