Uproar In Assembly; PC George, O Rajagopal Clad In Black

By SM.28 Nov, 2018





THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The 13th session of the Kerala Assembly began on Tuesday and on the 2nd day the session began with the Opposition creating uproar to amass the Sabarimala issue.

The Opposition started shouting slogans raising the Sabarimala issue during the Question Hour. They demanded to remove the restrictions enforced at Sabarimala. The opposition brought banners along with them seeking to lift the restrictions in the hill shrine.

The opposition members entered the well of the House and tried to enter the Speaker’s podium. They engaged in slogan shouting. Banners were also displayed.

Unmindful of all the commotion, chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan started replying in the Question Hour.

PC George MLA and BJP member O Rajagopal were wearing black clothes to protest the restrictions at Sabarimala. The two had earlier decided to work together on the Sabarimala issue.

The opposition engaged in sloganeering and wanted the police raj and CPIM"s dirty politics to end. The chief minister continued to reply in the Question Hour amid protests.