Baby Born Mid-Air, Flight Diverted For Little-Lufthanseat

By SM.29 Jul, 2017


A flight was diverted after a woman, identified as Desislava K, gave birth to a baby boy mid-air on July 26. A Lufthansa flight from Bogota, Colombia, to Frankfurt, Germany, was diverted to Manchester following the mid-flight delivery. According to Lufthansa"s press release, the crew moved several passengers to the front of the airplane to make the rear an "impromptu delivery room". The delivery took place with the help of the crew and three doctors who happened to be on board. The baby boy was named Nikolai after one of the doctors.


Lufthansa later tweeted pics of the baby boy with the flight crew:


Baby Nikolai was born on July 26 on a trans-Atlantic flight



"I"ve never experienced anything like that in my 37 years of professional experience. The entire crew did an extraordinary job. This was great teamwork, with everyone doing their part," said Kurt Mayer, the captain of flight.

Lufthansa"s tweet also prompted people on Twitter to wonder if little Nikolai would get a lifetime of free air tickets - something that Jet Air did in January this year for a baby born in flight. To this query, however, Lufthansa replied saying that they don"t have this policy but will think of something nice for the baby.



When asked about the baby"s nationality, they said he would always be a little Lufthanseat for them:




According to Lufthansa"s press release, this has been the eleventh birth on a Lufthansa flight since 1965.