Models Strut Down Paris Runway In Chocolate Creations

By SM.29 Oct, 2017


PARIS:  The Salon du Chocolat bills itself as the world"s "largest event dedicated to chocolate and cocoa." The annual convention - also known as a chocolate-lover"s idea of heaven - kicked off in Paris, France on October 27 with a rather unique fashion show. Models wore stunning creations made partially of chocolate and sashayed down the runway. If we may say so: "Sweet dreams are made of this!"



French singer Priscillia Betti attends the 23nd Chocolate Fair fashion show in Paris (AFP)


Fashion designers and renowned chocolatiers collaborated and the result were these delectable dresses and sweet couture creations that were spotted on the runway.



TV host Laurent Maistret attends the Salon du Chocolat fashion show in Paris (AFP)


Some of the creations were modelled by French celebrities.


French TV host Ellen Batelaan presents a creation during the 23nd Chocolate Fair 2017 in Paris (AFP)


The Salon du Chocolat brings together over 200 international chefs and pastry chefs to celebrate all things chocolate. "The difficulties we find with a dress made of chocolate are always about contact with the body, which has a temperature of 37 degrees," said French chocolatier Joel Patouillard. "Chocolate melts at 30 degrees, so it is quite simple: chocolate must absolutely not touch the body."


French TV host Chloe Nabedian walks the runway during the Salon du Chocolat fashion show (AFP)

The trade show is supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




The chocolate show is on till November 1st.