Blood group of men affects their chances of getting an erection

By SM.17 Mar, 2017


Erections depend on a lot of factors and simulation is definitely a driving force for a hard on. The blood rush triggered by hormones may be the key to a strong and long lasting erection that can improve performance in bed, but there’s more to it.

A study says that while blood flow is definitely a factor, the type of blood in a person also plays a part in the kind of erection they have. The findings revealed that people with O type blood had better erections since the possibility of erectile dysfunction in it was lower as compared to A, B or AB type blood.

The link is explained since AB type blood has been known for a risk of heart diseases and blood clots. Previous studies have also mentioned that erectile issues may indicate heart diseases that might strike in a few years.

A and B type blood also have high amount of adhesion molecule which can cause plaque in arteries, hence affecting blood flow. This affects erection more since arteries in the penis are narrow as compared to the rest of the body.