Deepika-Ranveer Wedding: The Welcome Drink Was Reportedly Flown To Italy From India

By SM.15 Nov, 2018





Bollywood actors Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got married yesterday, in what seems like a beautiful, fairy tale ceremony at a villa in Lake Como in Italy. Fans of the couple from the around the world, are eagerly waiting for the pictures to be released. The couple will reportedly release the pictures and videos from the wedding at 6 pm today, so until then, we will all have to make do with the grainy ones that have been doing the rounds on social media since yesterday. Even as wide-eyed Bollywood fans across the globe await the pictures, some details about the wedding festivities have been trickling out. The luxurious Villa Del Balbianello was the venue for the exclusive and extravagant affair, which involved a small party of wedding guests, including the close family and friends of the bride and the groom.

All the alleged details of the wedding suggest that Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh left no stone unturned in making the two days of their wedding an affair to remember for a lifetime. However, since we don"t have anything from the horse"s mouth yet, all we can do is rely on these reports and imagine what the wedding must have been like. As far as the cuisine of the wedding is concerned, reports had suggested that the menu was going to be a mix of Indian and continental cuisines. An interesting new tidbit about Deepika and Ranveer"s wedding has been doing the rounds. According to Bollywood paparazzi Manav Manglani"s Instagram post, filter coffee was served as a welcome drink to guests.


Manav Manglani@manav22
South Indian Filter Coffee was served as welcome drink. Deepika is extremely fond of filter coffee and so her wedding had her favorite filter coffee flown from Bangalore for her wedding……


Manglani claims that filter coffee is a favourite of Deepika Padukone"s and therefore, it was especially flown in from Bengaluru to be served to guests at the grand wedding affair. Now that"s really interesting! Coffee addicts in India have been in love with filter coffee for ages. The thick, milky and strong flavoured concoction is a speciality of South Indian eateries around the country. The taste and flavour of filter coffee is so addictive that those who love the drink can"t do with anything but the authentic stuff. So if indeed filter coffee was brought in to Italy especially for the wedding, we can safely count Deepika Padukone in the league of filter coffee snobs. These details are just making it so much harder for us to wait for the wedding photos and album to be released!