Indian women in cities exposed to pollution 10 times more than those in rural areas of Europeans: Report

By SM.21 Feb, 2017


Women residing in Indian cities are likely to inhale 10 times more pollution than those living in rural areas of developed countries.

The report cites a study from the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) published in the Environment International says the pollution is also could also seriously affect the unborn child carried if the woman is pregnant.

The report says that 18% premature births in South Asia happen due to exposure of o fine particulate matter less than 2.5 microns, which is capable to deep into the lungs.

Premature babies risk death or congenital health issues.

In 2015, it was reported that over three lakh babies die annually in India making it the country with highest number of infant deaths due to premature births.

"As per World Health Organisation (WHO) Publication "Born too Soon: The Global Action Report on Preterm Birth" out of an estimated annual 2.7 crore live births, in India 35 lakh babies are born preterm and out of these 3.03 lakh babies die due to complication of preterm birth," the Health Minister JP Nadda said while replying to a question in Rajya Sabha.