By SM.18 Jun, 2017


Ingredients Of Quail Scotch Eggs With Micro Green Salad


  • 6 Quail eggs
  • 100 gm of Puy lentil
  • 40 gm of butter
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • 40 gm of bread crumb
  • 1 whole egg - for egg wash
  • 20 gm of flour
  • 100 gm of micro greens
  • 40 ml of olive oil
  • 500 ml of water


How to Make Quail Scotch Eggs with Micro Green Salad


For eggs:

Boil the eggs in water at medium heat for 3 minutes and peel off the shell
Let them cool down.

For coating:
Wash and rinse the lentil 4 times.
Add the lentils, butter, salt, pepper and water and cook them in a pan with the lid on.
When lentils are cooked remove the lid and dry out the water.
Keep stirring until all the water has been evaporated.
Blitz the lentil mixture for a smooth puree.
Cool the thick puree out and coat it around the eggs.
Coat them further in flour, egg and bread crumb.

To cook the eggs:
Deep fry at 180 degrees until golden brown.

For micro green salad:
Toss the micro greens with salt, pepper and olive oil.


Quail eggs coated with a lentil mix and deep fried till golden brown. Serve with a fresh salad made with micro greens.