Shower sex is actually not a good idea

By SM.15 Mar, 2017


Couples like to experiment while having sex and their experiments can get the better of them when they take it a little too far. While most couples think shower sex is quite sexy and should try it often, a recent study says otherwise. Couples thinking of having sex while in the shower should actually read about it before going ahead with it.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, doctors say having sex in the water or shower sex as it is more commonly called is quite harmful. Among many issues, body parts don’t really help you while experimenting and the chances of injury are quite high. Dr. Neha Bhardwaj, obstetrician and gynaecologist says that having sex in water would actually cause micro-abrasions or little tears inside the vagina. It could have further problems like yeast infections or vaginosis because of the bacteria in the water.

Bhardwaj further adds that the chances of getting pregnant are also very high when couples have sex in water, unlike popular belief. While it may seem like a steamy alternative to your bedroom, shower sex is quite something you would want to stay away from to avoid problems in the future.