Why most men like having sex more in the morning

By SM.27 Mar, 2017


Sex is a part of life for which there’s never a bad time as going at it at different places and at different timings only works to spice up life for couples. There have also been attempts at bringing sex breaks in the middle of the day to improve sex life, but men have been known to be particularly inclined towards morning sex.

Several studies have suggested that mornings are the best time to have sex, and how it can provide a great start to the day by boosting mood in both men and women. The reason why men are always enthusiastic about action in the sheets right after waking up is that testosterone is at its highest in the early hours.

While women go through a hormone cycle every month, the same process is a daily experience for men, leaving them ready to go at it every morning. These levels drop off during the day, and by night men are at their most caring and nurturing behaviour.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone and plays a major role in sex drive. This morning glory is also the reason behind men waking up with an erection, commonly known as morning wood.