5 Bedroom Design Ideas To Make The Room Look Elegant

By SM.14 Jun, 2018





The bedroom is meant to be the most relaxing place of the whole house. It’s the room where people tend to de-stress from their day-to-day tensions. That’s why it is important to have a room that is both visually and mentally relaxing.

Now, imagine coming to an elegant and classy room. Having a well-designed bedroom has multiple benefits. As mentioned, one of the benefits is the relaxing and comfort that you get. Also, there’s also the added advantage of impressing your guests.


Choose the right color combination

The color coordination between your furniture, linen and walls plays a crucial role on whether your room looks elegant or tacky. To get started, decide on a color for the largest piece of artwork in the room. This could be a rug, your bed or a cupboard. You can then decide on the colors and texture for the rest of your room.




Opt for artisan lighting

By installing the correct lighting, you can set the ambiance of your room. The intensity of the bulb along with the body of the light is the deciding factor of how well it compliments your room. That’s why we recommend that you opt for a lighting, which is geometrically symmetric, and has a neutral look.



Less is more

Whether it’s a bedroom or a living room, this rule applies everywhere. That’s because having too much furniture can lead to a very clustered look – no matter how well designed each individual item is. Not only will having too much furniture look bad, it will also act as obstacles in case you wake up in the middle of the night.




Additional Storage

Storage is always an issue in every house.That’s why, additional storage has become essential. Some additional storage examples include built in shelves, a bedroom bench, under the bed storage and a bookshelf wall.




Looking for small bedroom design ideas to make your room look bigger? Then curtains are the solution for you! If you hang the curtains high, use cool colors with simple patterns and use long solid curtain rods, your room is bound to look bigger. Not only this, curtains can help keep your room cooler during the summers and warmer during the winters. Now add elegance to your room with simplistic, sleek curtains.