Bed linen with health benefits

By SM.30 Aug, 2016


There is no place on earth like your room and no greater comfort than your bed. Holds true for most of us! One of the important factors to make your bed feel like your biggest comfort zone is the bed linen. Apart from giving character to your room, bed linens are responsible for providing us mental relief and believe it or not, health benefits too. So when you are comfortably sleeping, the linen is taking care of your skin, protecting your children from chronic illnesses and maintaining body temperature to give you a good night"s sleep.

Yes, all this is true. Your bed linen is actually capable of doing all this and more.

The 13,000 crores domestic bed linen market is touching new heights with a gamut of bedspreads that come with health benefits. These linen promise something that we could never imagine so far. Let"s take a look at such bedspreads.

Skincare expert
Bed spreads in this category come with benefits of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Jojobaoil. There is also a range of wrinkle-free bed sheets that have a silky hand feel, because of Jojoba oil. The presence of Aloe Vera helps the skin retain moisture and prevents it from drying and cracking.

Doctor"s touch
Our skin sheds dead cells on a daily basis, while we are asleep. These cells remain on the sheet for a long duration of time, leading to bacterial and fungal growth. Prolonged presence of these also add odour to your sheets. A range of sheets come with special anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-odour features.

Kids friendly
Pollution, dust mites and allergens can cause allergic reactions in children. This range of bed sheet is treated with strong anti-allergens to help protect children from seasonal and chronic illnesses when they sleep.

Temperature control

Our body undergoes a remarkable temperature change while we are asleep. This extreme change of temperature sometimes causes discomfort while sleeping. Some bedspreads come with a special feature of absorbing heat, i.e. storing heat and releasing heat, as and when required by the body.

The above features sound interesting but how long will their effects last and how easy are they to maintain? Asim Dalal, Managing Director, IndoCount explains, "Most finishes last up to 40 plus washes. There are a few finishes available that promise life-long guarantee. They are easy to maintain and a regular hand wash /machine wash in mild detergent is good. However, be careful in using the bleach component. Use less of it and dry in sun."

The above-mentioned bedspreads are available in the price range of INR 5000 to 8000.

(This is a subjective price range)