Ways To Make A Small Space Look Less Claustrophobic

By SM.25 Jun, 2017


As cozy as small places may seem, they sometimes make you feel like the walls are closing in! It’s up to the skills of an interior decorator to make the place look beautiful without cramming in too many elements. Utilizing the space appropriately and placing ‘smart’ furniture is the key to making a small place look less claustrophobic.

Here are a few ways you can consider:

Use ‘smart’ furniture to de-clutter
Small places can be a challenge to design. There are certain ‘must haves’, but you simply might have to let go a few things to make the space look more airy. Think of getting rid of furniture that might be of no particular use in that place. It’s time to get rid of it! Make smart choices while selecting furniture. For example, you can use furniture that is fordable and pulls double duty. Something like an upholstered ottoman that can be transformed into a coffee table whenever there’s a need. So, de-clutter as much as you can.

Rearrange big furniture
If the room is small, move the bulky furniture away from the entrance. The heaviest and the most important pieces must go on the walls and as far away from the entrance as possible. Visually balance out the space and then place the remaining elements. This way, you will not feel like the furniture in the room is ganging up on you as soon as you enter!

Camouflage to create an illusion of space
You can camouflage a piece of furniture to take away its visual weight. One easy way of doing this is to paint it the same color as the wall. It might sound like a drastic step, but it really works – because it does not catch your attention immediately and easily, hence it does not feel heavy or imposing! You can camouflage almost any piece of furniture and see the magic – the room automatically looks de-cluttered.

Keep surfaces clear
Creating vignettes and displaying your favorite pieces of artwork might sound like a great idea, but if there’s very little place, they will just look like a clutter of objects. Keeping surfaces clear makes your room look more airy and adds a sense of space. Well, this does not mean that you live in an empty place, but be judicious about which surfaces you need to fill and which will look good empty.

Oversize artwork
Artwork has almost become a mandate with interior designing. Many times people select an oversize artwork to give a dynamic look to the room. But if the room is small, an oversize artwork can make it look like the walls are squeezing in! So stick to moderate size pieces of art and look for those that complement the other items in the room.

Designing interiors require that knack to create harmony among all the elements that you decide to place.