Italian Postal Workers Intercept Letter Containing Bullets Addressed To Pope

By SM .10 Aug, 2021




MILAN, ITALY: Italian paramilitary police are investigating the source of an envelope containing three bullets addressed to the pope.


The Carabinieri provincial command in Milan says the suspicious envelope which contained three bullets, was identified overnight at a mail sorting facility in a suburb.


It had been mailed from France.


The envelope was addressed by hand in pen to: "The Pope, Vatican City, St. Peter’s Square, Rome," and contained three bullets presumed to be for a pistol and a message referring to financial operations at the Vatican.


There was no immediate comment from the Vatican.


Pope Francis has been recuperating after a 10-day stint in hospital for colon surgery in July.


He plans to visit Hungary and Slovakia next month, along with a quick stop in Glasgow, Scotland, in November to participate in the COP26 climate conference.