Tusker Valiya Madhavankutty of Guruvayur Devaswom No More

By SM .04 Jul, 2021




GURUVAYUR: Valiya Madhavankutty, seniormost tusker at the Guruvayur elephant camp, died here on Saturday. The tusker was suffering from health issues for a long time. As per Devaswom records, the elephant was 59 years old.


Madhavankutty was taken to the elephant camp along with the famous tusker Guruvayur Kesavan in 1975. It is learned that he was not taken outside the camp for a long time due to health issues. Sometimes, the elephant is unable to stand.


During the last week, the elephant camp officials took a crane to lift the tusker. According to the caretakers, Madhavankutty was not eating food properly. Medicine and special care were also given as directed by the specialists in elephant treatment.


But the tusker suddenly breathed its last without showing any issues in the wee hours of Saturday.


The tusker was buried in the Kodanadu forest in Ernakulam at night. Devaswom chairman Advocate KB Mohandas, board members Mallissery Parameswaran Namboodiripad, Advocate KV Mohanakrishnan, and Devaswom administrator T Breejakumari presented the wreath on the tusker"s body.


Palakkad native Kunnatheri Narayanan Nair offered this elephant, then aged 12, to Guruvayur temple on February 3, 1974. He rose to fame as an adorable elephant calf during the period.


In 1976, Madhavankutty titled the best elephant calf in the ‘Gajamela’ held in Mala.


As a majestic elephant, Madhavankutty carried the idol of Lord Sri Krishna many times.


With the demise of Valiya Madavankutty, the number of elephants in the elephant camp dropped to 44.