The Truth Behind The Pic Of Diamond-Studded Airplane Going Viral

By SM.07 Dec, 2018






A picture of a diamond-encrusted Emirates airplane left netizens puzzled after it was tweeted by the airline"s official Twitter handle on Tuesday. The blinding pic shows an airplane bedazzled with thousands of diamonds, and it left many wondering whether it was real or not. "Are you playing with physics & aerodynamics?" one Twitter user asked Emirates. "Is it real?" another wondered. The reactions were even curated into their own Twitter Moment.

However, as the caption of the picture itself clarified, the plane is not really a diamond-studded one. "Presenting the Emirates "Bling" 777. Image created by Sara Shakeel," Emirates wrote while sharing the pic.


According to Khaleej Times, Sara Shakeel is a crystal artist with a strong Instagram following of over 4.8 lakhs.

Ms Shakeel shared her artwork on Instagram on Tuesday, where it caught the airline"s eye. They liked it so much that they asked for her permission to repost it, and even upgraded her flight from Pakistan to Milan.

"We just posted an art piece made by crystal artist Sara Shakeel," an Emirates spokesperson told Gulf News. "I can confirm it"s not real".


Meanwhile, here"s how tweeple reacted to the image:


The Boy⚡️@LLchikko
I aspire to have this much money 😥


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I think this would end up being a problem.


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Omg this just sums up Dubai in nutshell